Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered, Wild Woman comes back. She comes back through story.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

the need to feel and heal

A woman’s inner landscape is vast, but sadly, this wild terrain is often unexplored, neglected, abandoned, and abused. Our bodies have therefore come to hold many generations worth of unhealed trauma—many of us have forgotten how to feel. As our own wild nature is diminished so too is our capacity for self-healing. Sacred Self Sessions are a somatic resourcing ritual that helps women to feel into that wildish place that has no words, but where she hears a wild call that grounds, centers, and orients her deeper into her felt sense.

The Ritual of self-healing

Ritual is a path into the magical realm of the inner imagination, it is how we put the complexity of our lives into perspective. Regardless of what you are trying to heal, resolve, or transcend, the creation of your Authentic Self can only occur when the unconscious and conscious selves engage in a processes of alchemy. Ritual and magic are incorporated into each session in order to loosen the conventional mechanisms of the mind, inviting in a more subtle, intuitive, and embodied experience.




Weaving together ritual, meditation, embodied movement, and somatic, mind-body techniques, this ‘journey’ is much more than a ‘photoshoot’. Although I will be taking photos of you with my camera, I will also guide you into nature where together we will explore the depths of your sacredness. Whether you want to commune with your ancestors or your spirit guides, tap into intuitive instinct or release stuck emotions or feelings, sessions are a therapeutic ritual that will assist you in seeing your profound sacredness. Integration or alchemy of this experience is achieved through journaling, post session consultation, photographic meditations and rituals. By the end of your 'journey’ you will ascend into new ways of being, seeing, and feeling.

What is included in Journey

Sacred Self Alchemy photoshoot (1.5 hours)

A deeply meditative, grounding, and healing ritual and journey into your inner landscape based in nature. You will develop your felt sense, instinctual power, intuition, and desire for authentic self expression. Expressive and embodied movement will create space for openness and vulnerability in your life and assist you in releasing suppressed emotions. You will interact with nature in new ways and feel renewed by the cycles of nature.

fine art images (5 digital images included in session fee)

Images are a doorway into the soul. The images I create will contain symbols and messages that depict the mysteries you surface during your journey. They are more than photographs, they are magical incantations of your Sacred Self. My prayer for every photography is that it may keep your spirit alive for 7 generations to come.

Additional digital images and Heirloom print products are sold separately

Alchemical Imagination Herbal Aids

Plant medicine are helpful allies in connecting us to our inner landscape as their properties opening up portals and pathways deep into your psyche. Tinctures, teas, and other plant medicines can be provided by request to assist in your journey.

Cost from $300