Sheena and Kade

I have always had difficulty making and keeping friends. My mother use to tell this tale that it was because I was a twin- other children were intimidated by our closeness, she would say. This never made much sense to me, then or now. Today, I still struggle, but there is one person in my life who has showed me what true friendship is. 

I met Sheena two and a half years ago. At the time she was pregnant with her first child. Months before Kade was born Sheena left his father who she found out was leading a double life.  Sheena knew that she needed a fresh start for her and her son. This is there story.

Sheena's journey to motherhood was a challenging one, but in so many ways, it defines the stoic goddess she is today. Sheena is no stranger to trails and tribulations, Less than a decade ago she battled addiction. "I was lying about everything.  Sheena shifted course, went into recovery and has been redefining the purpose of her life ever since. 

Since the moment Kade was born Sheena has given every once of herself to raising him with all the love and care she has. And although she is doing it alone, she always seems to find a way to give more, not just to him, but to her community. Sheena works as an addictions councillor, and during the worst overdose crisis Vancouver, or Canada for the matter, has ever seen. She is literally saving other women's lives, daily. But they don't all make it, and when someone under Sheena's care passes, she is there, picking up the pieces. "I don't think I would be alive today if I didn't get into recovery when I did," she confides.

Sheena knew she wanted to be a mother. And when she was finally gifted with the sweetest, funniest little boy ever, she found her most sacred power. Kade brings so much joy into Sheena's life but her mothering will shape him into a good man. Each moment spent with them together brings a sense of effortless harmony back into the world. And when Kade is upset or making things difficult, it is Sheena's outrageous sense of human that get them both through. Their bond is incredible.

Not all days are easy. Sometimes they feel down right impossible. There are not enough services for single mama's like Sheena but she makes the best of what is available never complaining or demanding that she deserves more. She finds a way, and it is her way, the mothers way, the only way. 

Kade's presence is magic. Even when he is drawing on the walls or refusing food, he always seems to be on the same wave length as Sheena- they are two peas in a pod. Best friends for life. When the time comes, Kade will be Sheena's rock as she is his. 

Oh they joy of the journey, the unfurling path of possibilities, the joint mission of unconditional love. I think these two are going to go places, great places, huge places, places beyond their wildest dreams.

At the end of the day, Sheena knows that she is blessed beyond measure. Although the path may at times be lonely and laden with self-doubt, regret, and longing, there is not a single moment when Sheena is not a perfect mother to her perfect son. 

Jen Holden