Mentorship Services 

I mentor from the heart. I mentor with passion. I mentor because it enlivens me to see other creative professions find their soul story. I do not mentor as a professional photographer or writer but as a storyteller. A client once told me that I had the most idea's of anyone she has ever met. I have realized that many of my ideas are not for myself but are transmitted to me so that I can pass them on to those who need support in their creative journey. 

My mentoring services evolved through the recognition that there is endless potential to tell stories that matter. When I choose to use my creativity to nourish the creative lives of others, I feel as if I am stoking the fires of the Great Turning currently underway. I do not prescribe specific benefits of mentoring services as each individual will have their own intentions and motives that will shape what is to follow. The following are possible benefits:

  • You learn how to pay attention to your inner frontier of change that encompasses the personal and spiritual development necessary to act for a better world.

  • You strengthen your compassion for self and others by learning how to fuel your courage and determination.

  • You gain a refreshed sense of belonging in the world and begin to widen a web of relationships that nourishes you and protects you from burnout.

  • You become more fully present with the world and learn how to dig through the rubble of collapsing social and economic structures in the pursuit of art

  • You learn to balance on the knifes edge of uncertainty and break pivotal creative ground that will hitch you to a higher purpose.

Possible questions we can explore:
+ What is the unique story you were born to tell?
+ What makes your voice unique? 
+ What is the best way to translate your voice to your ideal client?
+ How might you enrich your daily creative practice when dealing with burn out?
+ How might you pursue collaborative relationships to attain broad creative goals?

Mentorship SESSION fee - Starts at $300