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Images are the gateway into the Soul

Photographers are the unacknowledged healers of our time.

Therapeutic photography involves taking, analyzing, compositing and sharing photos for the purpose of personal healing, growth, or understanding, whether done consciously or unconsciously— photographs have the power to heal intergenerational wounds. By bringing conscious awareness, care, and support to our clients, we can help them to address issues such as body image, stuck or suppressed emotions, or physical trauma.

By constructing, exploring and reflecting on photographs by pairing it with creative writing, photographers are able to help their clients to learn more about themselves and how they manifest their True Self within their relationships and broader world.

About The Sacred Self Alchemy Master Class

I was a healer before I was an artist so it was only natural that I would create a method of photographic art that allowed me to align my work with the spiritual needs of my clients. The imaginative power of the Self expresses itself through images. How we see ourselves determines how we feel, what we think, and how we act.

This Master Class will help photographers who are interested in the healing arts discover 5 simple techniques they can integrate into their sessions.

You Will Learn:

We will explore simple techniques for activating and enlivening the Sacred Self in your photography sessions. This is not a course of the fundamental of photography but a supplement to professional photographers who want to develop new session formats. This Master Class will cover:

  • The Theory: Jungian Psychology 101, The Active Imagination,

  • The Body: Introduction to Somatics, Centring Mind/Body, the Felt Sense, Create Safe Space

  • The Mind: Therapeutic Dialogue, Identifying and working with Flight/Fight/Freeze responses, Transcending Limiting Beliefs

  • The Soul: Shamanic Journeying, Activating Intuition and Instinct, Invoking Spirit through Ritual and Magic, Integrating Plant Spirit Medicine

  • The Story: Sacred Symbolism, The Pre and Post Session Consult, Creative Writing Techniques, Divination Tools, Post Production Techniques

Course Investment: $199

*Course will launch in the Spring of 2019. Register now to secure you spot. 20 spots available. Those who complete the course will receive a 25% discount on the Sacred Self Alchemy Retreat planned for Summer 2019 on Vancouver Island.

** If funds are an issue for you but you would like to participate, please register and leave a note indicating as such.

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