Samhain Ancestor Session


I inherited my photography talents from my ancestors. My great grandmother was an avid photographer and model. I enjoy her presence to this day through the countless photographs she took. I am surrounded by her images, I am surrounded by her spirit. The photographs she left behind tell me something deeply personal about myself, what I long for, what I am meant for, and where I come from.

As egotistical as it may seem to inquire so deeply into ones sense of self, I am always drawn back to importance of photography- when we reveal ourselves fully, the images we create tells a Deep Story or a Sacred Self Story. This story will live on for many generations. Many women of my generation have not learnt about where they come from. Most of us do not know the names, let alone the life circumstances, of our great, great, great grandmothers. Yet, their stories live within our bodies.


Epigenetic’s in a fascinating field of research that supports the idea that we are the embodiment of our ancestor’s stories.

I believe, that my inviting our ancestors to express themselves within our bodies, we are creating genetic changes within our bodies that rewrites old scripts, old patterns, old traumas.

When invoked, our ancestors can guide us into our sacredness and show us how to heal the invisible wounds that we are carrying from lives no longer lived.

This Samhain (the Wiccan New Year) I wanted to explore this concept and had the opportunity to work with a young artist who was eager to connect with her ancestor’s. She did not know very much about her ancestors but when I inquired further, it felt as if her recently deceased grandmother was wanting to make herself known and felt.


The following photo’s are an embodiment of Lisa, as well as her ancestors.

Jen Holden