Jenny Ann Stories
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Jenny Ann Stories
Storytelling Photography to heal and enliven the Wild Soul

I am a resource and guide to women seeking to heal trauma by activating their imaginative psyche and subtle body through ritual, embodiment practice, and photographic art 

All women have experienced some form of trauma in our lives. We also hold the trauma of our ancestors in our DNA. Trauma is sacred doorway, a portal, through which we can do deep soul work. This is the work of a lifetime. It can be a long and difficult journey to retrieve what trauma has taken from us, but when we come into relationship with our sacredness, we begin the healing journey. Through the Alchemical Imagination we are able to embrace all of our parts, including the trauma, and experience ourselves as a whole being.


During times of struggle or trauma, transformation or stagnation, we have increased capacities to journey deep into our inner landscapes.   As your guide, I will assist you in activating the imaginative psyche, your subtle body, and your feeling self and assist you in building self-awareness, recognizing and gathering inner wisdom, and integrating insights gifted to you on your inner journey. This journey is for anyone who desires support, guidance, and creative collaboration as they find the courage to feel and heal. 

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I have never met an individual so professional, so motivated, so clear on her vision, and so humbly talented. Her skill is all-encompassing. When I saw some of her work, I was shocked at how far I saw myself let go into the movement.
— Rita Sheena
Working with Jen was an adventure into the senses. She captures the wild, raw & beautiful with her skilled eye and creative brilliance. Her passion for cutting-edge art highlighted my session with her. My inner wild woman felt very comfortable in front of her lens.
— Christy Greenwood, Rewilding From Within